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Ready to Discover a Reliable Home Maintenance Company in Sea Ranch, CA?

In addition to beautiful custom home construction and remodeling work, Shawn P. Bettega Construction, Inc. also runs a property management company called Sea Ranch Home Maintenance.

Primarily serving residents throughout Sea Ranch and the surrounding areas of California, we offer preventative maintenance to preserve and protect your home against the elements and natural deterioration.

How It Works

You will have a choice on the number of inspections performed: annual, semiannual, quarterly, or monthly. Special inspections are available upon request. Please contact us today to discuss the different fee schedules available.

After each inspection, a checklist report will be mailed to the homeowner detailing exactly what was inspected and in what condition. Additional comments may be included.

Inside Inspections Include:

  • Check for signs of leaking windows, doors and roof penetrations.

  • Check shower stalls, sinks, and toilets for any visible signs of leaking.

  • Inspect fireplaces and wood stoves for any visible signs of cracking or deterioration.

  • Check status of water heater & furnace.

  • Address any specific needs you may have concerning the inside of your home.

Outside Inspections Include:

  • Visually inspect outside of building for wear & condition of siding and decks.

  • Inspect windows for broken seals or damaged screens.

  • Inspect roof and gutters.

  • Check storm collars on all vent pipes.

  • Address any specific needs you may have concerning the outside of your home.

If Repairs Are Needed

Once your home has been inspected, there may be repairs or maintenance that Sea Ranch Home Maintenance recommends you have completed. You have the option of contacting our construction company, Shawn P. Bettega Construction, Inc. for a quote on the work to be completed. You also have the option to contact another contractor.

For more information about our inspection services or if you would like to schedule an inspection, we invite you to contact us at 707-884-4713 today.

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